Audi Quattro gr.4 tech spec

Engine: straight 5 cylinder, bore/stroke 79.5 x 86.4 mm, 2.144 cc, cast iron block, aluminium head; 2 valves for each cylinder, compression ratio 6.3:1, cast iron crankshaft on 6 bearings; overhead camshaft, Pierburg mechanical injection, turbocharged with KKK turbo mod.K27 with intercooler, maximal turbo pressure  1.6bar, maximum torque 48Kgm at 5000 rpm,  power 360 Hp at 7000 rpm.

Transmission: four wheel drive, Audi Sport mechanical gearbox, 5 speed synchronised

Brakes: front and rear, 280mm ventilated discs with aluminium calipers, no servo

Steering: power assisted with steering rack, 1.1 loops steering rotation

Suspensions: front and rear MacPherson strut, coaxial damper springs, anti rollbar

Bodyshell: unibody in enlightened steel, steel Matter roll cage, reinforced sill, fiberglass bumpers, aluminium bonnet, wings and doors

Measures: Length 4.404mm, width 1.733mm, height depending on the setup,  track front 1.465mm, track rear 1.502mm, wheelbase 2.524mm, weight 1.150kg

Fuel Tank: 120 litres

Rims: aluminium 15", width options 6J 7J 8J

Homologation date: 01.01.1981

Homologation number: 671-81